Esaka Sensei

Raymond Schröder, Esaka Seigen, Gerald Eisenack

Esaka Seigen Sensei

Esaka Seigen 10th Dan, Hanshi was a direct disciple of the 20th Soke Kono Hyakuren, as well as the 21st Soke Fukui Torao.

Esaka Sensei was president of Ippan Shadanhoujin Seitou Seiryu Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido Kokusai Renmei until 2021.

Esaka Sensei began his iaido training in 1956 with Fukui Torao. He received his first dan in 1958. 1976 he became Hanshi and in 1991 he was awarded the 10th dan. Esaka Sensei is regarded by many as one of the best living iaidoka.

In July 2023, Esaka Sensei passed away at the age of 97.

Esaka Sensei plays a very special role for our club as well as for many other clubs instructed by him. The competence he embodies regarding iaido is unique and a valuable source of enrichment for us on our path. At least as impressive was his friendly and human way of approaching other people. His free engagement in Iaido groups all over the world is also not self-evident and cannot be rated highly enough.